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For CTTC Program Review and Exams
Please contact the following persons if you have a questions or need more information:

CTTC & Certification Chairman:
Vartan Babakhanian, PE, FACI
972-304-6886  or 972-260-3606


CTTC Program Trainer and Examiner:
Robert "Bob" Henry     

NETX ACI Secretary 7 Treasurer

CTTC Program Trainer and Examiner:
Gene Marter. PE

Cementitious Consultant

CTTC Program Supplemental Examiner:

Michael Marter 

Whitesboro City Manager


CTTC Program Supplemental Examiner:

Larry Creech    

Redi-Mix Concrete QC Manager



CTTC Program Supplemental Examiner:

Allan Thomas              

Alliance Testing Project Manager


CTTC Program Supplemental Examiner:

Victor Villarreal

Us Concrete Sales Manager


CTTC Program Supplemental Examiner:

Mike W. Marlar 

Testing Lab QC Manager

Colorado River Construction


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    Vartan Babakhanian, PE, FAC     or 

     972-304-6886      or      972-260-3606

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