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Welcome to the internet home of the Concrete Technician Training Center (CTTC) part of Northeast Texas Chapter of the American Concrete Institute. We are a local provider of education and certification programs about concrete production, concrete mix design, and testing. Please look around, and if you share our interest in concrete, please join the group and participate with our programs. Based in Dallas - Fort Worth, and serving Abilene, Tyler, Texarkana, Wichita Falls and vicinity.  


Concrete Technician Training Center (CTTC) is for eductiononal purpose the certification body of the Northeast Texas Chapter of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and ACI NE-TX Chapter was founded in 1964 with Cedric Wilson as its first President. Today the Chapter has about 200 members and is active on both a local and national level. For the last 30 years, the Northeast Texas Chapter (NETX) has earned ACI's highest award, the Outstanding Chapter Award. An overview of the area served by NETX can be viewed on this map.


Through this website, you can join the CTTC or become member. Members will be notified of up coming  review classes. 

For the public as well as members, we provide educational products and services provided by our CTTC group, event and class registration, and information about concrete-related topics.

To join the CTTC and receive notification about or programs, click on the menu item"Membership" at the top of this page or send me your contact information.


CTTC  conducts review, hands on practice and demonstration for your ACI certification examinations throughout the year.  Interested persons can get class-specific information and sign up for these through this website in advance.

  • Basic Concrete Technology Course
  • Review class for your ACI Certification through CTTC programs
  • These review classes are designed for technicians with some working knowledge and experience.  Paying for these classes is not a guarantee for passing.                   

Coming Soon

For all Review classes, please send your applications and the checks to the following address, and payable to

              Concrete Technician Training Center

              Attn: Vartan Babakhanian

                     722 Cheshire Drive

                     Coppell, Texas 75019

Please contacts us by email for ordering your book in advance, or you can bring your own book.     Thanks



  • No upcoming events


The dues for ACI  2019 are $100 which includes free meals at the 3 or 5 technical meetings this year.   You can pay through PayPal or mail your check directly to Vartan Babakhanian @972-260-3606  or Robert Henry.  Please be sure to identify for whom you are paying.  If you have any questions, please call Michael Marter at 903-815-0264 or, To renew go to or Send your check for membership to

ACI/ Attn: Michael Marter

11152 Morrison Lane

Dallas, Texas 75229


To join the CTTC, click on the menu item "Join Now" under the menu tab "Membership" at the top of this page and keep up with all your education for your certifications needs or send us your contact information.

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